Avoid Scratched Floors

Whatever type of flooring we may have in our home, we always try to be careful not to damage it but linoleum and wood floors are perhaps particularly prone to damage.

One of the main times we can cause damage to our floor is when we move furniture. Even if we are only moving furniture in order to sweep underneath it, we can damage the floor unless we are very careful.

However, one of the times when floors are most susceptible to damage is when we move in or out of a house as then, all the furniture is moved and often moved by removal truck people who are not as caring as you may be.

For any of these occasions though, there are now furniture buffers that can help us to avoid even the slightest damage to our floors and also help to keep our furniture in good shape too. More details can be found about these furniture buffers at http://www.furniturebuffers.com but basically they are pads made from super compressed felt which are stuck to the feet of your furniture.

The glue on the back of the pads is super-adhesive and so will stay in place whilst furniture is slid across the floor and as the pads are felt, they cause no damage to the furniture or flooring. Not only do these pads help avoid damage to the floor but they also make moving furniture very easy.

Obviously the feet on furniture come in various sizes and so the pads also come in a variety of sizes, so there will be one to fit your furniture’s feet, whatever that furniture may be.

Although even the smallest pad may still be a little big for some of the more delicate, smaller items of furniture, the pad can easily be cut to size without the need of any specialist tools, a pair of scissors is adequate for the task. These pads are not expensive but in order to get the best value for money, you may want to consider buying the jumbo pack which is exceptional value and has a varied range of pad sizes.

If when you have finished attaching pads to all the furniture you want them on, if you have any pads left, there are many other uses around the house that you can find for them. For instance, some people use them on the bottom of their laptops as they raise the laptop, allowing free movement of air all around it, helping to keep it cool when it is being used.

Another use that has been found for them is placing them on the inside of cupboard doors. When these pads are placed on the inside of a cupboard door, the door cannot slam noisily shut onto the cupboard, becoming annoying.

With just a little imagination, these sturdy and durable hard felt pads can be put to many different uses all around the house, ensuring that you get even more value out of your jumbo pack of furniture buffers.